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Cassandra Wind's book, Ancient Teachings - New Traditions, shares her thoughts, struggles, pain, and wisdom she discovered raising her daughter. Her writings reveal the teachings from many wise women of tribal lineage, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and other cultural perspectives. Her passion is to awaken women to embrace the power they uniquely have from birth as women. A woman's strength comes from a strong mind, compassionate heart, and deep love of herself reflected in the actions, words, and time shared with each other. She hopes the stories shared in this book will help women understand how important they are to the balance of life.

Mother-Daughter Circle of Transformation Workshop:

Cassandra Wind, author and acupuncturist, has spent over 20 years exploring ancient teachings and ceremonies which teach and nurture adolescents becoming to earn the title of a Woman! This journey to earn the title of Woman was given if the child passed some test of their physical, mental and emotional capacity to deal with the challenges life would present. Some cultures believed that becoming arrives when one discovers their unique gift which developed through experience as a child grew. This gift was used to better the lives of those in their community.

During your time together, Cassandra will guide you to create your own ceremonies, share stories, and ideas which help you recognize your true power as a woman and mother! She will discuss various cultural traditions used to guide daughters and granddaughters into becoming throughout time. Once we know our Gift, our sacred journey begins……

Time: 2 Hours

Cost: $120 (Limited to 6 participants)

            *Larger groups call or email for rates*

Phone: 406-239-7386